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Fire alerts (Web/Email)

If a sensor has detected a fire (Phase 2 Alert), users will receive fire alerts using two methods:

  • Email alert
  • Blinking Fire Alert icon in the Site Management app

The fire alert shows the date, time and the sensor which sent the Phase 2 alert. It also shows the GPS coordinates of the sensor that sent the alert. A Map view shows the location of the sensor.

The following shows a fire alert in an example email:

Email fire alert

Email fire alert

The following shows a (blinking) fire alert in the top right corner of the Site Management app:

fire alert icon

Fire alert icon

By clicking the Fire alert button, a detailed view will be provided. You can find all available information about the detected fire in this view:

Fire Alert details

Fire alert details

By clicking the Phone icon you are provided with the number of the local fire department.

Phone icon

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