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Dryad Silvanet System

Explore our documentation to learn how to plan, deploy and test your Silvanet System.

The Silvanet Network provides ultra-early detection of wildfires. This system allows for the monitoring of large areas and for issuing warnings in real-time to ensure an immediate reaction to prevent quick damage control.

Silvanet protects forests from wildfires using sensors deployed throughout a forest zone and warns operators of a fire outbreak in its ultra-early stage. The goal of the system is to quickly determine if a fire, even in its smoldering phase, is breaking out somewhere in the forest and immediately notify registered users to act on this information.

This online documentation explains the basic functionality of the Silvanet Network for ultra early detection of wildfires and guides the user through the steps of planning, deploying and testing a fully functional Silvanet Network.

  • Quick Start: Video-based overview of planning, deploying and testing a Silvanet System.
  • Accessing Dryad app: How to access the online Silvanet Site Management app and the mobile Dryad Deployment app.
  • Planning Deployments: Describes the process of planning the deployment of your Silvanet system. It includes guidelines on deploying Silvanet devices and the types of deployments.
  • Preparing site packets: Describes how to build and assign Site Packets in preparation of deploying devices to a forest location.
  • Deploying on site: Describes the deployment of sensors and gateways in the forest. It includes best practices for determining device location and deployment.
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