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Getting Started with Silvanet™

Learn how to set up a deployment of the Dryad Silvanet™ Wildfire Detection System and how fire alerts are sent to users when a smoldering fire is detected.

Get started learning about Silvanet

Access your site then start adding Packets. Then learn how to deploy Silvanet devices in your targeted forest area. Finally, learn how to test your deployment.

Why Silvanet?

Wildfires cause up to 20% of global CO2 emissions, the same amount that cars, aircraft and ships combined emit. Human activity is responsible for about 80% of wildfires which have a devastating impact on biodiversity as well as significant economic loss.

Dryad's Silvanet™ provides ultra-early detection of forest fires, with large-area monitoring, real-time warning and reliable prevention. Our solar-powered Silvanet Sensors which are attached to trees use ultra-sensitive gas sensors to monitor air composition and detect fires using embedded artificial intelligence. The sensors send messages about the environment to the Silvanet Cloud via our large-scale IoT Mesh Network consisting of Mesh Gateways and Border Gateways.

Our cloud monitoring platform collects this data which sends out alerts in case of a detected fire. Because a forest environment may cause interference with mobile network operator coverage, the Silvanet™ System uses our own Dryad wireless network infrastructure which is a solar powered mesh network architecture that enables large-scale, off-grid deployments.

We recommend two deployment stages - a small Pilot stage and a large Live stage. The Pilot stage demonstrates Silvanet's core functionality and basic scalability of the system and has a duration of approximately 2-4 months. The Live stage is a large-scale deployment across the targeted forest and has a deployment duration of 10-15 years.

Ready to try Silvanet?

Contact Dryad Sales to learn how Silvanet can be deployed in your forests to protect your forests and assets.



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