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Update Device's GPS coordinates

After relocating a Silvanet device, update its GPS coordinates using the Site Management app.

If a Silvanet device has been relocated from its deployed location, its GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) needs to be updated. This can occur when a tree on which a sensor is attached falls or if a pole on which a Mesh Gateway is deployed must be moved. The GPS coordinates of a device can be easily changed in the Site Management app.

  1. Using a Smartphone’s map app, note the Silvanet device's new GPS coordinates.

  2. Open the Site Management app, then from the Sites View select the Site.

  3. Select the Sensors or Gateways tab in the Site Management dashboard, find the device you want to modify, then select the Edit icon.

    Select Edit icon

    Select Edit icon

  4. In the Device Edit dialog that appears, select the Location tab.

  5. Enter the new latitude and longitude coordinates, then select Submit. You may need to scroll down to view the Submit button.

    Update latitude and longitude value for the device

    Update latitude and longitude values for the device

  6. The changes will be reflected in the Site Dashboard.