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Silvanet Deployment app

Deploy Silvanet sensors, Mesh Gateways and Border Gateways using Packets displayed in the Silvanet Deployment app


The Silvanet Deployment app runs on a Smartphone to allow users to bring their Silvanet deployment information with them into the forest without having to carry a laptop around with them.

This app displays all pending and deployed Packets. These Packets were built using the Site Management app.

After opening a Packet, the app displays a list of the devices to be deployed, including their planned GPS locations.

Once the planned GPS location for a device is found, the Deployment app allows a user to add the device's Device ID which links the current location (longitude and latitude) to the location of the device. This information is then uploaded to the Silvanet Cloud.

Install Silvanet Deployment app

The Silvanet Deployment app is available on both Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Android installations

If you already have the Deployment app installed, to access the latest features, open the Play Store on your Android device, search for our app 'Silvanet Deployment', and select 'Update' to install the newest version.

  1. Search for Dryad on your Smartphone's App Store or Google Play, then install the app.

    Silvanet Deployment app

    Silvanet Deployment app

  2. Select Login to continue.

    Silvanet Deployment app login

    Select Login

  3. Enter your registered email address and password.

    Silvanet Deployment app login credentials

    Enter login credentials

  4. Once logged in, the app remembers the login information.

View Packets

Packets that have been prepared appear in the Silvanet Deployment app.

  1. Ensure you have given Silvanet the appropriate permissions.

    Silvanet permissions

    Silvanet permissions

  2. The Packets page appears listing all Packets that have been prepared. A Pending packet indicates a task that needs to be completed. Completed Packets display Done.

    Pending Packet

    Pending Packet

  3. Select a pending Packet to open the Packet. This displays a list of all devices in the Packet to be deployed.

    Task list of devices to be deployed

    Task list of devices to be deployed

  4. Select the Map button to display the location of the devices on the Map. Once you are in the forest Site, your location appears as a blue dot.

    Device locations

    Device locations

  5. Devices in the Packet are ready to be deployed.

See also

To learn how to deploy Silvanet sensors, Mesh Gateways and Border Gateways using the Deployment app, see Silvanet Device Deployment