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Site Management

Dryad provides the Silvanet Site Management app and the Silvanet Deployment app to setup, deploy and manage devices in Pilot and Live deployments.

In this section

  • Pilot Deployments: Consists of 400 sensors and a minimum of 6 Mesh Gateways and one Border Gateway. This type of deployment is used to validates the scalability of the Silvanet System in a realistic environment.

  • Live Deployments: Use the results of a Pilot deployment to determine the required number of sensors and gateways to effectively cover the entire forest location of the Site.

  • Silvanet Site Management app: ( is accessed through a browser and is used to plan deployments and view environmental data from all sensors in a Site. It also shows if any device is active, inactive or has detected a fire. User settings can be changed, such as Metric/Imperial unit systems, date format and time format. The name of a Site can also be changed as required.

  • Silvanet Deployment app: Used to deploy Silvanet sensors and gateways in the planned location of these devices.

  • Device Status Icons: Allows for easy identification of device status in Map views.

  • Update Sensor GPS Coordinates: GPS coordinates of devices can be updated if they are moved to a new location after deployment.