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Silvanet Cloud Platform

The Silvanet Cloud platform captures data served by the Silvanet Mesh Network and received from the Silvanet sensors.


The Silvanet Cloud connects with the Silvanet Site Management app, which is a web application, as well as the Silvanet Deployment app which is run on a Smartphone. Data that is captured and served by the Silvanet Cloud is accessible wherever a user has Internet access.

Silvanet Cloud Platform

Silvanet Cloud Platform


Each Dryad customer is provided with their own username and password to access the Silvanet Site Management app. This web-based app connects to the Silvanet Cloud. As Dryad currently manages this access, each new user can only be added by request to Dryad.

Registered users have access to a Silvanet Cloud Client which is a collection of Sites. Each Site is scalable to allow more Silvanet devices to e added as well as to provide additional user access to those Sites. Typically, a customer has only one Site but customers can also have multiple sites that are geographically dispersed.


Sites are currently added by Dryad internal Admins. In the future, a Site Admin will be allocated to specific users who will be able to create sites for clients and to create users.

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