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Silvanet Network

Dryad's wildfire detection system, the Silvanet Suite, is a network of devices installed in a forest and a set of browser and smartphone apps connected to the Silvanet network through the Silvanet Cloud.

Dryad Silvanet Network

Dryad Silvanet Network

In this section

  • Silvanet Mesh Network: Description of LoRa and LoRaWAN implemented in the Silvanet Mesh Network

  • Device Ratios and Ranges: Learn about how many sensors, Mesh Gateways and Border Gateways needed for your deployment.

  • Silvanet Wildfire Sensor: Learn how Silvanet sensors detect forest fires during the early stages (even during the smoldering phase) and guidelines for deploying sensors on trees.

  • Silvanet Mesh Gateway: Learn how Mesh Gateways extend the Silvanet Network to allow for large-scale deployments of Silvanet sensors and guidelines for deploying Mesh Gateways in the forest.

  • Silvanet Border Gateway: Learn how Border Gateways provide connectivity between the Silvanet Mesh Network and the Silvanet Cloud.

  • Border Gateway Scenarios: Learn the possible deployment scenarios for Border Gateways to provide internet connectivity to the Silvanet Mesh Network.

  • Silvanet Cloud Platform: Learn how the Silvanet Cloud Platform analyzes the data sent from sensors and distributes alerts to registered users of the Silvanet System. It is the engine which the Site Management app and Deployment app uses to register devices with the network and display data from sensors.