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Release Notes

This section summarizes the changes for each release.


Affected Products:

  • Silvanet Site Management App (web application)

  • Silvanet Deployment App (mobile application)

Dashboard Overview

We have added a new landing page that allows you to have a better overview of your Sites and Deployments. It includes information on the number of sensors and gateways allocated to each site. It also improves navigation to specific sites.



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User Management

You now have the power to invite users to our platform independently. Simply provide their basic information, including their name and email address, and we will send them an invitation via email complete with a link to join our application.

User Management

User Management

With this initial release all users will have the same access level categorized as "Standard User." However, we're happy to share that more roles and permissions are on the horizon. In the upcoming release, you'll have the ability to organize your team(s) better using multiple access levels and also create and manage new sites independently. We are committed to delivering this improvement by the end of the year.

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Improved packet assignment workflow

We also improved the way deployment packets work to give you more flexibility and autonomy on the field - Packets are no longer assigned to an individual user. This means easier access and collaboration for everyone.

Packet assignment

Packet assignment

Once a packet has been created, it is automatically accessible to all the users of the site. With our mobile app, you can browse through all the packets of your site and select the one you or your team will deploy.

Last minute change of plans? Simply go back on the mobile app and select an alternative packet for deployment.


To access the latest features, open the Play Store on your Android device, search for our app 'Silvanet Deployment', and select 'Update' to install the newest version.

Other small fixes

Deployment Planning Map: The map is now centered around the device you are placing, providing a more intuitive experience.

Device Data Graph: The time frames of the graphs will no longer be fixed, offering clarity when observing the graphs for extended periods.

Fire Alerts: We've addressed multiple issues related to false alerts. This includes the implementation of an enhanced Machine Learning Model and improvements in how alerts are counted and visualized on the web application.