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View the Packet

Packets are assigned to all users in your organization who have registered with Dryad.

Silvanet Network development process

Once the Packet has been completed, it is automatically assigned to users registered with Dryad in your organization. Users can then select the Packet from the Silvanet Deployment app to deploy the devices in the Packet.

  1. Install the Dryad Deployment app on your Smartphone by searching for Dryad on your Smartphone's App Store or Google Play, then follow the instructions to install the app.

  2. Login to the Deployment app using your login credentials.


    For more information, see Silvanet Deployment app.

  3. Ensure you have given Silvanet the appropriate permissions, including accessing the camera and access to mobile connections.

    Silvanet permissions

    Silvanet permissions

  4. The prepared Packet appears in the app.

    View Packet in Deployment app

    View Packet in Deployment app

  5. You are now ready to deploy the devices in the Site's forest area.