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Verify the Deployment

Verify the deployment using the Site Management app.

Silvanet Network development process

After the sensors have been calibrated for 14 days, verify the deployment using the Site Management app.

  1. Open the Site in the Site Management app.

  2. In the Site Dashboard, select the Sensors tab and expand one of the Sensors.

  3. If the sensor is active, data from the sensors should be displayed. For example, the following figure shows data received in the Silvanet Cloud in the past 5 hours sent for air pressure, temperature, humidity and air quality, as well as the energy level of the device.

    Verify the deployment

    Verify the deployment

  4. If the sensors are displaying data, the deployment has been successful.


The deployment can also be tested for fire alerts using a controlled fire set in the middle of the sensors. The Silvanet System should respond to the smoke from the fire by sending Fire alerts to registered users via email and displayed in the Site Management app. For more information about setting up a controlled test, see Test Your Deployment

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