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Silvanet is Ready

After the sensors have been calibrated and you have verified the deployment, the Silvanet System is ready for fire detection.

Silvanet Network development process

You have now completed the Silvanet Quick Start Guide. You have learned:

  • How to access the Silvanet Site Management app.

  • How to view a Site using the Sites view.

  • How to build a new Deployment Packet by adding sensors and gateways and placing the devices in planned locations on a Site map.

  • How to view the Packet in the Silvanet Deployment app.

  • How to use the Deployment app to deploy the devices in the Site's forest locations at the GPS locations as defined in the Packet.

  • How the sensors are calibrated and for how long before they are ready to send accurate data.

  • How to verify the deployment of the devices.

See also

Detailed descriptions of the steps in the Quick Start Guide are provided in the remainder of the Dryad Help Center.