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Quick Start Guide

This Quick start guide explains how to build a Packet and deploy the Packet's devices in the targeted forest area. It introduces how to test the deployment.

Silvanet Network development process


Before using this Quick Start Guide, ensure (1) Dryad has provided you with your login credentials to the Silvanet Site Management app, (2) you have at least one Site defined for you and (3) that you have installed the Silvanet Deployment app on your smartphone.

As this tutorial guides you through the process of using the Silvanet Suite with step-by-step instructions, it does not assume you are immediately prepared to deploy the devices in the forest. Detailed instructions can be found throughout the remainder of this Online Documentaton.

In this section

  • Common Silvanet Terms: Brief description of Silvanet terms and concepts.

  • Obtain Login Credentials: Use your Username and Password provided to you from Dryad.

  • Access your Site: Use your login credentials to access the Site Management app.

  • Prepare a Packet: Use the Packet Planning page to prepare a Packet with one Border Gateway, one Mesh Gateway and sixteen Silvanet Sensors.

  • View the Packet: View the Packet in the Silvanet Deployment app for deploying the devices.

  • Deploy the Devices: Learn how to deploy the Border Gateway, Mesh Gateway and sensors.

  • Calibrate the Sensors: Allow 14 days to calibrate the sensors, after which the sensors are ready for fire detection.

  • Verify the Deployment: Verify that all devices are active and are sending messages to the Silvanet Cloud.

  • Silvanet is Ready: You Silvanet deployment is ready for fire detection.