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Access a Site

Sites are accessed from the Site Management app.

Silvanet Network development process

Supported browsers

Use the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox. Google Chrome is recommended. Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge is not supported.

Log in to the Site Management app

The Site Management app displays all Sites to which you have been granted access. You may see one or more Sites, depending on your access level. A Site groups together sensor devices and gateways within a geographical area or with similar characteristics.

  • Open on your browser and sign in using your username and password provided to you from Dryad.


    If this is the first time logging in, you need to change your password. However, you cannot change your username.

Select a Site

  1. After logging in, the Dashboard Overview page appears showing a summary of deployed sensors and gateway and a list of all available Sites. You may have only one site and no sensors or gateways deployed at this point.

  2. Select Sites from the side menu to open the Sites Dashboard.

  3. Select Open from the ellipsis menu in the header of a Site to open a Site. Alternatively, you can select the Site name to open the Site.

    Open a Site from the Site management app

    Open a Site from the Site Management app

  4. The Site view of the selected Site appears.

  5. You are ready to prepare a Deployment Packet.

See also

For more details, see Silvanet Site Management app.