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Opening a Site

The first step in planning a deployment is to select a Site from the Site Management app.

A Site is a geographical area measured in Km2 that is monitored by Silvanet Sensors and connected to the Silvanet Cloud via Silvanet Mesh Gateway(s) and Border Gateway(s).

The Site Management app provides the following methods to view a Site:

  • Sites: Provides an overview of all Sites to which you have been given access rights
  • Maps: If your Sites are distributed over a wide geographical area, this view shows the location of each Site to which you have access rights.
  • Devices: Search for and select specific devices in all available Sites. However, this view is useful only after devices have been deployed to Sites.


For a detailed description of these views, see Site Management app.

To open a Site:

  1. Log in to The Site Management app appears.

    Site Management dashboard

    Site Management dashboard
  2. From a Site, click the ellipsis menu, then click Open.

    Open Site

    Click the ellipsis menu to open a Site
  3. The Site's dashboard appears showing (after deployment) the number of currently active gateways and sensors as well as a location map. You later use this dashboard to monitor the Silvanet Network.

    Site dashboard

    Site dashboard
  4. Click Planning to open the Packet Planning page. Any existing Packets appear here.

    Packet planning page

    Packet planning page
  5. Begin building a Packet for the Site.

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