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Preparing Deployment Packets

The Site Management app ( provides a convenient way to plan the deployment locations of sensors and gateways. The result of this planning is a Site Packet. This Packet is then assigned to a registered user who accesses this Packet in the Dryad Deployment app installed on their Smartphone.

Preparing Deployment Packets involves the following steps:

  1. Opening a Site in the Site Management app

  2. Building a Packet of sensors and gateways and mapping the location of each device

  3. Assigning Packets to registered users for deploying devices in the forest location


A Site is the geographical area where a network of Silvanet sensors and gateways are deployed to monitor the forest. The Site Management app ( displays all Sites that Dryad has created and administered for you. Using your username and password, you are granted access to all Sites to which you are registered.


Sites are currently added by Dryad internal Admins. In the future, a Site Admin will be allocated to specific users who will be able to create sites for clients and to create users.


A Packet defines the Silvanet sensors and gateways that are to be deployed in a Site. The Site Management app is used to build and assign Packets to registered users. It is also used to monitor the deployed sensors and gateways of the Site.


Several Packets can be created within each Site. Each Packet can consist of the devices expected to be deployed per day / per forest worker.

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