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Assigning Packets

Once a Packet has been built, the deployment of the devices in the forest is assigned to a registered user of the Deployment app. The assignment process delegates the deployment work to a specific person, such as a forest worker who will install the devices.


Before a Packet is assigned, the person who will deploy the devices needs to be registered with the Site Management app, preferably using their names. Contact Dryad for details.

To assign a Packet to a registered user:

  1. In the Build Packet page, ensure the new Packet has been saved.

  2. Select the Back button to return to the Packet Overview page.

  3. Your new Packet appears in the list of Packets, but is unassigned.

    Packet finished

    Packet finished

  4. Select the Assign icon.

Assign button

Assign button

  1. The Assign dialog appears showing a list of registered users.

  2. Choose a user, then select Assign.

  3. Packet information is now assigned to the user.

  4. The new Packet now appears in the Silvanet Deployment app on the Smartphone of the assigned user.

  5. The Packet on the user's smartphone can now be used to deploy the devices in the Site's forest locations.

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