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PoC (Proof of Concept) deployments

Using a small area of a forest, roughly 1 km in diameter, the PoC (Proof of Concept) Deployment allows you to burn a small test fire (about the size of a BBQ fire) and get a Fire Alert message from the sensors. Without having build up a complete system, it demonstrate the basic steps to deploy and test the core functionality of Silvanet System.

PoC Deployment

PoC Deployment


With the PoC, you simply want to test the performance and responsiveness of the System. Smoke from a controlled fire set up in the midst of the deployed sensors triggers a Fire Alarm.

Number of devices

The PoC Deployment typically includes the following devices:

  • Two boxes of Silvanet Sensors (10 in each box) with the required treenails. The sensors are deployed in a tight grid of approximately 15m distance from each other. By reducing the distance between the sensors, the detection time and amount of burning material needed for testing and validation is reduced drastically.
  • One Border Gateway is included that is used to receive data from the sensors and to connect to the Internet. The required accessories for the Border Gateway are included - solar panel, satellite antenna, 4G mobile antennas and a PoE (Power over Ethernet) Adapter.


Quickly deploy the sensors using a grid pattern and place the Border Gateway at the edge near a path or roadway. If possible, place it where it can obtain a power supply and/or Ethernet connectivity.

As the sensors are deployed in a dense grid, the PoC Deployment does not need a Mesh Gateway. It does, however, require line of sight from all sensors to the Border Gateway. It cannot be used in hilly terrain where hills or large rocks could interfere with the wireless signals.

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