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Pilot deployments

A Pilot deployment includes significantly more devices than the PoC deployment, typically 400 sensors, 5 Mesh Gateways and 1 Border Gateway.

The following illustrates a Pilot Deployment.

Pilot Deployment

Pilot Deployment


Use the Pilot deployment to validate the scalability of the Silvanet System in a realistic environment that can be hilly, rocky, few line of sights, and even roadways. However, this type of deployment requires planning so you use the Site Management app to plan the location of each device.

Number of devices

The Pilot Deployment typically includes the following devices with the required treenails and other accessories:

  • 400 Silvanet Sensors
  • 5 Silvanet Mesh Gateways
  • 1 Silvanet Border Gateways (an additional Border Gateway can be added for redundancy)

Sensors are further apart, such as 100 meters between devices and it uses sufficient Mesh Gateways to cover the area.


With such a large deployment area, several teams may be required to deploy all the sensors where each team can install at least 30-35 sensors. This requires preparing several Packets and assigning to each team a Packet for the day's deployment.

It is best to install the Border Gateway first, then begin deploying the sensors and Mesh Gateways in a grid pattern. Consider how the teams must traverse the forest for sensor deployments so they can use the time most efficiently.

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