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Mesh gateway deployments

When planning Silvanet Mesh Gateway deployments, we recommend the following:

  • Location: 1 km distance from sensors

    Place Mesh Gateways in locations that enables them to cover nearby sensors in a radius of approximately 1 km.

  • Range: 2-3 km distance from other Mesh Gateways/Border Gateways

    Gateways can communicate over longer ranges than sensors. Depending on the topology and type of forest, Mesh Gateways can communicate over a distance of 2–3 km.

  • Sunlight: Install on a hillside or sunny location

    The Mesh Gateway ideally should be placed on a hill and needs a sunny location, with direct sunlight. It should not be covered by branches and is ideally detached from other trees.

See also

For more information, see Installing Silvanet Mesh Gateways.

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