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Live Deployments

Large-scale (Live) deployments use the results of a successful medium-scale (Pilot) deployment which is used to determine the required number of sensors and gateways to effectively cover the entire deployment location. The scale and scope of the deployment form the parameters for planning device location and targeted detection time.


A Live deployment takes into consideration the results of a Pilot deployment and uses permanent methods to install devices (treenails not crop wire). The Site Management app provides the user interface to status information of the sensors and to notify users of Fire alerts together with email alerts.

Number of devices

When planning Live deployments, follow the Component ratios guidelines:

  • 100:1 (Sensors : Mesh Gateways)
  • 20:1 (Mesh Gateways : Border Gateways)

Also, following the guidelines for sensor deployment density:

  • Areas of high human activity, distance between sensors can be 100m or more
  • Areas of low human activity, distance between sensors can be from 400m to 500m

Additionally, planning for large-scale deployments requires taking into account the location guidelines for Mesh Gateways and the deployment setup of Border Gateways.

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