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Component ratios / ranges

This section describes the ratios of sensors to Mesh Gateways and Mesh Gateways to Border Gateways. Ranges of the various Silvanet devices is also provided.

Component ratios and ranges can be illustrated as follows:

Component ratios and ranges

Component ratios and ranges


A single Mesh Gateway can support up to 100 Sensors while a single Border Gateway can support up to 20 Mesh Gateways.

When planning Pilot deployments or Live deployments, we recommend the following ratios of components:

Components Ratio Description
# of sensors to Mesh Gateways 100 : 1 Sensors : Mesh Gateway
# of Mesh Gateways to Border Gateways 20 : 1 Mesh Gateways : Border Gateway

Device ranges

When determining the location of devices in a site, ensure sensors and gateways are well within range for sending and receiving messages.


Range values are dependent on Site topology such as hills, valleys, density of trees and structures in the forest deployment locations.

Components Range
Border Gateway to Mesh Gateways 2 km to 3 km
Mesh Gateway to Mesh Gateway 2 km to 3 km
Sensor to Mesh Gateway 1 km
Sensor gas detection 80 m to 100 m
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