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Prepare Deployment Packets

Deployment Packets are prepared using the Site Management app. However, before adding Packets, plan how many and type of Packets are required for your Site.

In this section

  • Packet Planning: Learn how to plan and prepare for adding Packets using the Site Management app.

  • Add Packets: Learn how to build a set of Packets for deployment in a forest.

About Deployment Packets

A Deployment Packet is a plan for deploying Silvanet devices at defined locations. The Silvanet Site Management app is used to prepare Packets.

Typically, a Packet contains one type of device - either Silvanet sensors, Mesh Gateways or Border Gateways. Deployment guidelines determine the locations for these devices in the Site.

The number of devices in a Packet are sufficient for a day's deployment activity. For example, if a Site has been planned to have 400 sensors, then ten Packets of 40 sensors each would need to be prepared. This allows for a single Packet to be deployed per day, per team. The number of sensors in a Packet, of course, depends on the topology of the Site and the difficulty of hiking through the forest to locate deployment locations.

After preparing the Packets, they become available in the Silvanet Deployment app to all registered users in an organization. Packets that have been deployed are marked as Done while Packets that need to be deployed are marked as Pending.

See also

For information about deployment guidelines, see the respective device sections in Silvanet Network.