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Email Fire Alerts

Fire alerts are sent via email to registered users when a Phase 2 alert is triggered.

If a Phase 2 alert was triggered, a Fire Alert email is immediately sent to registered users who can then act to extinguish the fire.


The Fire alert also appears in the Site Management app.

Fire alert details

The Fire notification includes key details which a user can act upon to extinguish the fire:

  • Date and time Fire Alert was sent.

  • Sensor that sent the Fire Alert (Device ID).

  • GPS location of the sensor that sent the Fire Alert.

  • Total number of alerts sent.

  • Number of alerts sent in the past 2 hours.

Example email fire alert

Example email fire alert

The email includes a link to the location of the fire. By selecting the Map link, Google Maps opens that shows the location of the sensor. If Google Maps is not installed, it launches a browser on the smartphone and opens Google Maps in the browser.