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Silvanet Suite FAQs

What is a Deployment Packet?

A Deployment Packet defines the Silvanet sensors and gateways that are to be deployed in a Site. Silvanet Deployment Packets are created in the Site Management app and available to all registered users for deploying devices in a Site. Each Packet includes a list of Silvanet devices to be deployed and the location (GPS coordinates) where each device is to be deployed. When a device is deployed to a location, a user scans in the device’s QR Code which then syncs the device’s actual location to the corresponding entry in the Silvanet Cloud.


Several Packets can be created within each Site. Each Packet can consist of the devices expected to be deployed per day / per forest worker.

What is a Site?

A Site is a geographical area which has a dimension that is dynamically calculated based on the placement of Silvanet devices in a forest.Sites are set up by Dryad administrators (currently, Dryad only). Within a Site, the number and location of sensors and gateways are defined. The Site Management app ( displays all Sites that Dryad has created and administered for you. Using your username and password, you are granted access to all Sites to which you are registered. After deployment, a Site can be monitored within the Site Management app.


Sites are currently added by Dryad internal Admins. In the future, a Site Admin will be allocated to specific users who will be able to create sites for clients and to create users.

What is a Site ID?

A Site ID is a unique ID assigned to a Site by Dryad. It appears in the URL of a Site as well as the breadcrumbs line when a Site is opened. For example, ID. A Site name can be changed but the Site ID cannot be changed. Use this Site ID when requesting support for a specific Site.

Why are supercapacitors used in Silvanet Devices?

A supercapacitor is a high capacity capacitor that can accept and deliver charges faster than batteries and tolerates many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries. It provides a large amount of power for a relatively short time. It is best suited for applications where a very high number of charge/discharge cycles or longer lifetime is required. They also have low risk of spark hazard. This makes them ideal for energy storage for Silvanet devices which are installed in forests. They are used because the sensors and gateways should not themselves be a source of fire ignition.