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Silvanet Sensor FAQs

Is the sensor protected against dust and is it watertight?

The housing of the Silvanet sensor has an Ingress Protection of IP67 which means the device is protected against dust (objects greater than 1 mm) and is watertight against the effects of immersion in water while under pressure (water depth of between 15 cm and 1 m) for up to 30 minute.

How long does a sensor need to calibrate to a new deployment location?

Once deployed, the Silvanet sensor needs to perform a calibration to determine a value for normal air in the environment around the sensor. This is critical for allowing the sensor to detect a smoldering fire. The calibration period is approximately 14 days after deployment and during this period the sensor does not detect smoldering fires.

Why do I get false Fire Alerts during calibration period?

During the calibration period and up to one month after deploying, the sensor may trigger false Fire Alerts. This is normal behavior and expected.

What happens if a deployed sensor is handled while on a tree?

If a Silvanet sensor is touched or moved while deployed on a tree, it causes interference with the calibration. The gas sensor in the Silvanet sensor is very sensitive to outdoor changes. Consequently, moving, touching or interacting with the sensors beyond what is necessary influences the sensor readings and also the sensor calibration settings.

For the sensor to return to normal values, the sensor needs at least 2 - 4 hrs to stabilize and return to its base readings. Consequently, the sensor does not measure any changes in the environment if a test is run during this stabilization period.

We strongly advise leaving the sensors alone once they are deployed.

What is meant by interacting with a deployed sensor?

Interacting with sensors includes:

  • Touching the sensors in any way
  • Moving the sensors in any way
  • Being in proximity to the sensors
  • Having running vehicles nearby the sensor
  • Bringing any source near the sensor that could trigger the Phase 1 alert such as cigarettes, running machinery (especially with diesel motors) and even breathing on the sensor.
How high should a sensor be attached to a tree?

Install the Silvanet sensor at least 3 meters above the forest floor, depending on available sunlight in the location. At this height, the device has less interference from human or animal interactions.

How long will a Fire Alert appear on my Silvanet apps?

After a sensor triggers a Fire Alert, under normal conditions it will disappear after 6 hours. It can also be cleared manually in the Fire Alert center. However, in the Map view, a Fire Alert clears after the sensor clears.