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Silvanet Mesh Gateway FAQs

How does a Mesh Gateway operate in the Silvanet Network?

Mesh Gateways receive messages from sensors and forward them using the LoRaWAN mesh network to other Mesh Gateways within range and to Border Gateways within range. Messages sent from sensors hop through the mesh network until they reach the Border Gateway.

How high should a Mesh Gateway be attached to a tree?

The Silvanet Mesh Gateway should be attached to a tree or a pole at least 3 meters above the forest floor. At this height, the device has less interference from human or animal interactions.

Should the Mesh Gateway always face southward?

A Mesh Gateway should face southward only in the norther hemisphere. Find a location where the solar panel can obtain maximum sunlight. Ensure it is oriented towards the sun (at 12:00 noon) whether in the northern or souther hemisphere.