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Required deployment tools

Ensure you have the right tools to deploy devices.


You need a folding 16-foot (5 meter) ladder. A folding ladder is easy to carry through the uneven ground of a forest.

16ft (5m) ladder

16ft (5m) ladder

Waterproof carrying boxes

You may need one or more workboxes for devices and tools, depending on how many devices are planned for a day's deployment.

The following is an example good quality toolbox.

Example waterproof toolbox

Example waterproof toolbox

1st box - Silvanet devices

Use one of the toolboxes for carrying sufficient Silvanet sensors for a day's deployment.

2nd box - additional tools

Use the second toolbox to carry the following tools:

  • Knife and shears (or snips) for cutting branches and crop wire (if required)

  • (optional) Crop wire for temporarily deploying devices

  • Compass (analogue or digital)

  • Cordless drill (for drilling holes for treenails)

  • 10 mm wood drill bit (an optional 6mm wood drill bit to begin drilling into hardwood trees)

  • Hammer (for treenails)

  • Pencil and notepad

  • 17mm wrench (for U-clamps)

  • Small Phillips screwdriver (for connecting Ethernet cable on Border Gateway)

  • Small axe for removing a small section of bark