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Fire notifications

After the Silvanet devices have been deployed, the sensors need 14 days to calibrate. This means the sensors need to adapt to the environment in which they have been deployed. Before this calibration period, the sensors do not send accurate readings nor are they ready to detect fires.

After the sensor detects a decline in air quality, it issues a Phase 1 (Yellow) Alert which is sent to the Silvanet Cloud. The sensor then triggers a Phase 2 Detection Process to determine if the observed deterioration is from wildfire smoke or from some other source.

If the sensor determines that the gas detected is from a smoldering fire, it immediately sends a packet stream to the Silvanet Cloud which consists of Phase 2 (Red) Alerts.

Fire alerts are sent to the user's Site Management app as a blinking fire icon as well as to a user's email account. The user can then act immediately to extinguish the fire. The location of the detected fire is also sent.

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