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Pre-test checklist

Do not proceed with the test until you have read this pre-test checklist.

  • Prepare deployment Packet

    Build a deployment Packet for the test that includes the anticipated number of sensors and gateways.

  • Deploy Border Gateway

    Deploy the Border Gateway at the location set in the Packet. Ensure it is deployed with a reliable power supply and ensure it has Internet connectivity via Ethernet or LTE-M mobile.

  • Deploy sensors

    Deploy the sensors at the locations set in the Packet. Ensure the Device IDs (QR Codes) are scanned into the Deployment app.

  • Verify deployment

    Ensure the sensors are sending data to the Silvanet Network by viewing the Site in the Site Management app.

  • Once deployed, do not interact with sensors

    Do not INTERACT with sensors before or during a test.

  • Allow 14 days for sensors to calibrate

    Sensors must be calibrated at the deployed location for 14 days.

  • Prepare test fire material

    Dry test fire material and store it indoors for at least 14 days. This can be done concurrently to the calibration period.

  • Notify Fire Department

    Ensure the local Fire department has been informed of the test fire.

  • After the test, safely discard fire ashes

    Remove burnt material before putting in new material. Ensure burnt material from any previous test fire has been thoroughly put out and no embers are hidden in the ashes as they can ignite other material.

  • If required, modify the test setup

    When modifying the test, change only one element per test. For example, change the type of material burnt.

  • Wait one day before running additional tests

    Wait 24 hours after making any changes to the test, such as new burning material or sensor spacing before running the next test.