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Deploying Devices

After setting up the planned locations of all components in the Site Management app, assigned users can begin the deployment of the devices in the forest. You need to ensure the Silvanet Deployment app has been installed on a Smartphone before deploying the devices.

Besides routine precautions when entering a forest, make sure that the battery of the used smartphone is fully charged (we recommend bringing a powerbank).


When installing the devices, always work in teams of at least two people when walking through the forest to locate the planned GPS coordinates of the devices and while using ladders to install devices on trees. Ensure the ladder is safely leaned against the tree and is stable. Have a helper securely hold the ladder.


All devices (sensors and gateways) must be installed at a correct height. They also need to face in a southerly direction for maximum irradiation on the solar panels. For more information, see Sensor deployments.

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