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Before entering the forest

Before entering the forest to begin the deployment, ensure you follow these preparation guidelines.

  • Ensure the Smartphone is fully charged. We recommend bringing a battery pack (powerbank) as a backup power supply.
  • Take the necessary precautions when entering a forest.


Always work in teams of at least two workers to ensure the devices are installed safely to prevent injury during the deployment, either while walking in the forest to locate the GPS coordinates on the forest floor or while on climbing ladders to install devices.

Sync Deployment App

Before entering the forest, read these guidelines to prepare the Deployment app for use within the forest:

  • Start the Dryad Deployment app while you have a good wireless connection

    Before you enter the forest, ensure you have downloaded your assigned Packets to the Deployment App while you have good mobile connection. This allows the app's local database to be updated with the device information such as GPS coordinates in your assigned Packets.

  • Cache the Map page to the Deployment app

    Also, while connected to the mobile network, load the Map page to cache the map to ensure you have access to the Map view should a mobile connection become unavailable (offline usage).

Ensure correct amount of devices

Before going to the forest, ensure you have the correct amount of devices, spacers, treenails and crop wire (if required) for deploying your Packet.

Required deployment tools

Prepare a workbox with the following tools for deploying the devices:

  • Smartphone fully charged with working GPS and the Silvanet Deployment app installed
  • Compass (analogue or digital)
  • 16 foot (5 meter) ladder
  • Cordless drilling machine
  • 10 mm wood drill bit (an optional 6mm drill bit to begin drilling into hardwood trees)
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • 17mm wrench (for U-clamps)
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Small axe
  • Knife/shears
  • Waterproof box for carrying sensors/gateways
  • (optional) Crop wire for temporarily deploying devices


When drilling into a hardwood tree, start with a smaller drill bit then drill the final hole with the 10mm drill bit. Also, ensure you are using a drill bit for wood.

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