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Silvanet Deployment app

The Silvanet Deployment app displays Packets assigned to users who use this app to locate the planned deployment location (GPS coordinates) of the sensors and gateways. Once located, the user scans the QR Code of the device into the app to provide the exact GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the sensor or gateway in the app.


The Silvanet Deployment app is available on both Apple App Store and on Google Play.

To install the Deployment app:

  1. Search for Dryad on your Smartphone's App Store or Google Play.

    Silvanet Deployment app

    Silvanet Deployment app

  2. Install the app as required on your Smartphone.

  3. Select Login to continue.

    Silvanet Deployment app login

    Click Login

  4. Enter your registered email address and password.

    Silvanet Deployment app login credentials

    Enter login credentials

  5. The Packets page appears listing Packets that have been assigned to you.

    Packet assigned to you

    Packet assigned to you

  6. After opening a Packet, locating the deployment location, the forest worker then adds the Device ID, GPS coordinates, notes and a picture of the device's label. These details are then saved to the Silvanet Cloud.

Installation completed

Installation completed

Further reading

To learn how to deploy Silvanet sensors and gateways using the Deployment app, see Deploying Silvanet devices

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