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About Silvanet

Dryad developed the Silvanet System to detect within minutes even smoldering fires in forests and send warning signals (emails and web-based) to registered users.

Silvanet protects forests from wildfires through a network of Silvanet Sensors attached to trees which send messages to the Silvanet Cloud via Silvanet Mesh Gateways and Silvanet Border Gateways. The Silvanet Cloud service collects all data and sends an automated notification to a smartphone if a wildfire is detected.

This section provides an overview of the Silvanet System:

  • Silvanet components: Provides an overview of the Silvanet sensors, gateways and Cloud Platform.
  • System connectivity: Describes how the Silvanet devices communicate with each other and how the system communicates with the Cloud Platform.
  • Site Management app: Describes the web-base app for planning deployments and monitoring devices.
  • Deployment app: Describes the mobile app used for deploying devices in a forest location.
  • Status icons: Explains the various status icons used to indicate the status of devices.
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