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Sensors - Planning ratios and ranges

Plan sensor deployments based ratios and ranges to Mesh Gateways.

The Silvanet Network can support any number of sensors over a very wide area. Dryad's unique Mesh Network deploys Mesh Gateways to act as range extenders for sensors provides the key to this capability. This allows a vast area of forest to be monitored and protected.

Sensor to Gateway Ratios

Sensors to Mesh Gateways - Depending on Site topology, for every 100 sensors deployed, use at least one Mesh Gateway or more, if necessary.

Sensors to Border Gateways - Generally, it is not advisable to deploy sensors without the use of Mesh Gateways. The Border Gateway does not have a limit on the number of sensors it can support. However, for practical reasons it can support only those sensors that are within range of the Border Gateway as a Mesh Gateway is not available to provide range extending capabilities.

Gas detection range

The Silvanet Wildfire sensor can detect air quality, especially volatile compounds (VOCs(1)), in the surrounding air within a radius of 80 m to 100 m (260 ft to 320 ft), depending on the topology and density of the forest within range. It can also, of course, detect smoke from a smoldering fire drifting into its detection zone from fires further away from the sensor.

  1. VOCs are organic chemical compounds which contain elements that are released from a variety of sources but for purposes of the Silvanet Sensor are burning fuels such as wood (trees) and other organic parts of a forest (leaves, fallen branches, bushes).

Silvanet sensor range

Silvanet sensor range

Site topology and range

Range values are dependent on the Site topology such as hills, valleys, density of trees and structures in the forest deployment locations.

Range to Gateways

Sensors can communicate with Mesh Gateways and Border Gateways that are 1 km away from the sensor, depending on topology. In a dense forest, the range may be less while a sensor with direct line of sight to the Mesh Gateway may have a longer range.

Sensor to Mesh Gateway range

Sensor to Mesh Gateway range

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