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Required deployment tools

Ensure you have the right tools to deploy devices.

Provide a 16-foot (5 meter) ladder for installing sensors and gateways. A folding ladder is easier to carry through the uneven ground of a forest.

16ft (5m) ladder

Folding 16ft (5m) ladder

Provide a workbox or backpack for carrying devices, depending on how many and type of devices are planned for a day's deployment.

Example waterproof toolbox

Example waterproof toolbox

Provide at least the following tools for device deployment:

  • Knife and shears (snips) for trimming branches (if required) and for cutting lengths of garden wire

  • Small axe or chisel for removing small sections of the outer bark

  • Compass (analogue or an app on the Smartphone)

  • Cordless drill for drilling holes for treenails (min 18V)

  • 10 mm wood drill bit and an (optional) 6 mm wood drill bit to drill a pilot hole to prevent splitting, especially with hardwood trees

  • Hammer for treenails

  • Pencil and notepad

  • 17 mm wrench for the U-clamp bolts