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Preparing for deployments

Review these guidelines before starting the deployment of gateways and sensors.

Prepare a backpack, tools and ladder before entering the forest


Before entering the forest ensure you are prepared to deploy the devices as per the day's tasks:

  1. Ensure you have the required Silvanet devices carefully packed in a strong backpack or toolbox.

  2. Bring the required tools, as described in Required deployment tools.

  3. A fully charged Smartphone and a backup power supply.

  4. Silvanet Deployment app installed on the Smartphone and logged in.

  5. Silvanet deployment app ready to scan Device IDs(1).

    1. The Device ID is provided as a unique text string and QR Code printed on a label attached to the back or side of each Silvanet Gateway and sensor. When scanned into the Silvanet Deployment app, the Device ID registers the device with the Silvanet Cloud. In addition to registering the device, it also allows the Silvanet Cloud to know the location of the device in a Site. It also allows the Silvanet Cloud to know which sensor sent data, such as a fire alert.

Silvanet Deployment app

Ensure you have allowed the Silvanet Deployment app to access the Smartphone's location and camera.

Work in teams of two

When installing Silvanet devices in a forest, always work in teams of at least two people. When using the ladder, ensure it is securely leaned against the tree and is stable before climbing the ladder. If possible, have an assistant securely hold the ladder.

Prepare a deployment plan

Prepare a plan to deploy the sensors in the forest. Prepare your walk through the forest beforehand to install the sensors in the most efficient manner.

Guidelines summary

Guideline Description
Bring into the forest the correct amount of devices for one day's deployment activities. Before going to the forest, ensure you have the correct amount of devices, spacers, treenails and garden wire (if required) for deploying the amount of devices sufficient for a day's work. Use a waterproof box with a handle to keep the devices safe and dry while in the forest.
Ensure your Smartphones are fully-charged. Smartphones need to be fully charged. Bring a backup charger.
Ensure the Silvanet Deployment app is installed on the Smartphone. Before entering the forest, ensure you have installed the Silvanet Deployment app on your Smartphone and have the appropriate Packet displayed.
If you know wireless connectivity might be problematic in certain part of the forest, launch the Deployment app while you have a good wireless connection. While you have a good wireless connection (mobile connectivity may become less reliable deep in a forest) ensure the appropriate Packet has been loaded in the app. This allows the app's local database to be updated with device information in the Packets.
Cache the Map page to the Deployment app. While connected to the mobile network, load the Map page to cache the map to ensure you have access to the Map view should a mobile connection become unavailable (to allow for offline usage).

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