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Deploy Mesh Gateways - Guidelines

Silvanet Mesh Gateways act as range extenders to allow widespread deployment of Silvanet sensors using the Silvanet Mesh Network.


  • Deploy the Silvanet Mesh Gateway to a healthy tree or to a stable self-standing poles that is unlikely to be moved.

  • The Mesh Gateway has a large built-in solar panel to provide for the Mesh Gateway's increased power requirements. However, the solar panel needs an unobstructed area to obtain sufficient sunlight to charge the device. You may need to clear some branches away from the solar panel.

  • U-Clamps are provide to attach the Mesh Gateway a (maximum) 60.3 mm metal pole that is at least 3 m high above the forest floor. Use a 17 mm wrench to attach the provided M10-nuts to the U-Bolt Clamps. Additionally, the device does not interfere with a living tree over the lifetime of the Mesh Gateway.

  • If attaching the Mesh Gateway to a tree, locate a healthy tree nearest to the GPS coordinates set for the Mesh Gateway in the Silvanet Deployment app. Use treenails to attach the Mesh Gateway to trees.

Deployment guidelines

Item Guideline
Range The range of a Mesh Gateway to other Mesh Gateways and Border Gateway is approximately 2 km to 3 km. The actual range may vary depending on environmental conditions. Install at least one Mesh Gateways at least 2 km to 3 km from a Border Gateway, depending on environmental conditions including topology and type of forest.
Distance to sensors Maximum 1 km radius from sensors. Place Mesh Gateways in locations that enable them to cover nearby sensors in a radius of approximately 1 km.
Location If possible, install Mesh Gateways on a hillside or sunny location. If installed on a tree, it should not be covered by branches. To receive maximum sunlight, it is best installed on a pole.
Deployment Height 3m above forest floor. To protect the Mesh Gateway from human or animal interference and to give a better line of sight to other Getaways within range, install the device at least 3 meters above the forest floor, or even higher depending on topology.
Obstructions Ensure the tree does not have branches that obstruct clear line of site to other Mesh or Border Gateways. (Do not cut them but find another location without the branches.)
Orientation The Mesh Gateway needs to be installed facing the sun at 12:00 noon (northern or southern hemisphere). Use a compass to identify true South (in the northern hemisphere) or true North (in the southern hemisphere). This maximizes the amount of light that hits the solar panel.

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