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Registering Border Gateway Device IDs

Before installing the Border Gateway, register the Device ID to update the device's location in the Silvanet Cloud.

Scan a device's QR Code

  1. In the Silvanet Deployment app, select a Site, then open the Packet that includes the Border Gateway you want to deploy.

  2. Tap the Magnifying Glass icon next to the Border Gateway.

    Select a Border Gateway by tapping the Magnifying glass icon

    Select a Border Gateway by tapping the Magnifying glass icon

  3. The map of the Site appears with the selected Border Gateway highlighted. Your location is indicated by a blue dot. Tap Install to begin registering the Device Id.

    Tap Install

    Tap Install

  4. Focus the camera of the Smartphone on the QR Code to scan the Device ID. The Silvanet Deployment app automatically fills in the Border Gateway's latitude and longitude using the Smartphone's GPS location.

    Scan QR Code

    Scan QR Code

    Entering Device ID manually

    If the QR Code can not be scanned, tap Enter manually to enter the Device ID into the Serial Number field. Additional information can be added in the Notes field.

    • You are required to add a photo of the Border Gateway Device ID if you are entering information manually.

    • Tap Save to register the Border Gateway with the Silvanet Cloud.

  5. On the Install screen, add additional information in the Notes field, such as observations about the location of the Border Gateway (where it is located or additional details). (Optional) Select the Camera icon to take a photo of the Sensor ID.

  6. Tap Save to register the Device ID with Silvanet Cloud.

  7. Continue by installing the Border Gateway.