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Attaching Border Gateway solar panel

After installing the Border Gateway, attach the solar panel to the same pole or tree to provide a backup power supply.

Attach the solar panel

After attaching the Border Gateway to either a pole or a tree, the solar panel needs to be attached to the same location, preferably above the Border Gateway. Garden wire is used to secure the solar panel to the support structure (tree or pole).

Solar panel cable

The cable from the Border Gateway to the solar panel is pre-connected and is 2 m long.


  • If the solar panel is attached independent of the Border Gateway, it cannot be more than 2 m away, ideally closer.

  • Locate the deployment location towards where the sun would be at 12:00 noon. This allows the solar panel to have maximum sunlight irradiation during daylight hours.

  • Ensure the solar panel cable is placed in such a way that it cannot be damaged by human or animal incidents.

  • If the deployment location is a public area, we recommend the minimum height for both the Border Gateway and the solar panel to be 3m above the forest floor. A higher deployment allows for better connections to Mesh Gateways.

  • Ensure the solar panel is tightly connected to the tree or pole so that it cannot slip or turn during strong winds or other environmental actions.

Attaching the solar panel to a pole or tree

  1. Cut two equal lengths of garden wire, each being twice the circumference of the tree or pole.

  2. While the solar panel is at ground level, insert the garden wire through the holes.

  3. Climb the ladder with the panel and place the solar panel on the opposite side of the tree or pole and pull it tight against the tree or pole using the top wire, then twist the cable tight. Ensure the panel faces south towards where the sun would be at 12:00 noon.

    Solar panel attached using garden wire

    Solar panel attached using garden wire

  4. Follow the same procedure with the lower cable.

  5. Twist the two ends of the cables together and bring the twisted cable within the back of the panel.

  6. Ensure the solar panel is tight against the tree and pole and cannot move.

The following shows a completed Border Gateway and solar panel deployment.

Completed solar panel attachment

Attached solar panel