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Silvanet Mesh Gateway

The Silvanet Mesh Gateway allows for large-scale deployments of Silvanet sensors throughout large forested areas.

Unboxing a package containing the Mesh Gateway

The Silvanet Mesh Gateway is a proprietary gateway that provides range extending capabilities by using the same network as the sensors to receive and forward messages on to other Mesh Gateways and/or Border Gateways.

Deployed Silvanet Mesh Gateway

Deployed Silvanet Mesh Gateway


As the Silvanet Mesh Gateway is proprietary to Dryad, the device is not open to 3rd party applications.

Key features

  • Connect to Silvanet sensors and Silvanet Border Gateways using LoRaWAN.

  • Forms a LoRaWAN Mesh Network with a typical coverage of between 2 km to 6 km depending on topology and physical placement of the Mesh Gateways.

  • Low power consumption allows the device to operate with its solar panel. The power consumption is calculated to be 3997Ws.

  • Supports FUOTA (Firmware Update Over-the-Air) to allow its firmware to be updated remotely.

  • Supports up to 100 sensors for each Mesh Gateway.

  • Automatically registers with the Silvanet Cloud during the deployment process.

  • Has low power consumption which is supplied by its built-in solar panel to provide its daily energy needs.

Delivered components

Each shipment of a Mesh Gateway includes the following components:

  • One Silvanet Mesh Gateway

  • Four treenails

  • Two U-bolt Clamps, including 4 M10 nuts and washers

  • One LoRa antenna (North America: 915 MHz, EU: 868 MHz, Asia: 433 MHz)

  • One 5 meter roll of Garden wire


The dimensions of the Silvanet Mesh Gateway are (LxWxH) 68 cm (87 cm with antenna) x 29 cm x 5 cm and weighs 2.8 kg.

Mesh Gateway dimensions

Silvanet Mesh Gateway dimensions

Large scale deployments

Large deployments of standard LoRaWAN networks are typically beyond the reach of the standard single-hop direct connections between sensors and gateways. With Silvanet Mesh Gateways, messages from Silvanet sensors hop from Mesh Gateways to Mesh Gateways until messages reach the Silvanet Border Gateway(s). Consequently, Silvanet Networks can be extended to very large-scale deployments consisting of hundreds or even thousands of sensors.

The patent-pending architecture uses a multi-hop mesh network of Mesh Gateways each serving as a standard LoRaWAN gateway to Silvanet Wildfire Sensors and 3rd party sensors.

Each forest is unique potentially having varied topology, changing terrain, mountains and valleys; basically, they have features that can block transmissions between devices. These challenges facing quality connectivity are overcome by using Silvanet Mesh Gateways.

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