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Site Management app - User Management view

The User Management view allows administrators to add or delete users and assign user roles.


The Dryad Site Management app defines two types of users: Standard and Admin. Access to features of the Site Management app is dependent on the type of user role. This includes features of the User Management view.

  1. Admin user: Admin users are responsible for team organization. Admins can invite new users, edit user information and independently create new sites.

  2. Standard user: Standard users have access to the platform, can view the User Management overview and update their name and contact details. They cannot edit other users' details or invite new users.

Search users

You can search for a user with both Admin and Standard User roles. Use the search field to search for existing users.

User role

  • Standard
  • Admin

Search existing users

Search for existing users

Add new user

You must have Admin rights to add a new user.

User role

  • Standard
  • Admin
  1. From the site menu, select User Management.

  2. Select Add User. The New User form opens.

    New User

    New User form

  3. In the New User form, add the new user details:

    • First Name and Last Name.

    • Email: (Required) Enter the new user's email address. This becomes the Username.

    • Phone Number: (Optional) Accepts the following separators /, -, ( ) and .

    • Country: (Required) Select from list of countries.

    • Client: (Required) Select a client from the available options. Normally a reseller can have multiple clients, while a client usually has only a single client to which the user belongs. (A Client can have multiple Sites.)

    • Role: (Required) Select from the available options. Typically this includes Standard User or Admin.

  4. Select Submit to add the new user.

    New user added

    New user added

  5. Dryad then sends an invitation to the email provided in the form to the new user, such as the following:

    This is to inform you that an update request for your account has been initiated by the administrator. We request you to update your Dryad Networks account by performing the following action(s): Update Password. Click on the link below to start this process.

    Link to account update

    This link will expire within 3 days.

    If you are unaware that your administrator has requested this, just ignore this message and nothing will be changed.

    Best Regards,

    Dryad Support

  6. Click the link to update the account password.

    Update account password

    Update account password

  7. Enter a password in the Update password form, then select Submit.

    Update account password

    Update account password

  8. The new user now has access to the Site Management app.

Edit user

You can edit your own name if you have a Standard User role. All fields are editable if you have Admin rights.

User role

  • Standard (name field)
  • Admin (all fields)

A user's first name and last name can be changed using the Edit User page. The Edit User page provides two tabs: User and User Access. The User tab displays the user information as set when the user was added. User Access shows all sites that the user has access, which cannot be edited.

  1. Scroll over a username to display the Edit User icon (Pencil icon).

  2. Select the Edit User icon to open the User form.

  3. In the User tab, change First Name or Last Name, as required.

    Edit user name

    Edit user name

Delete user

Users with an Admin or Standard role cannot delete a user. Only Dryad can delete a users.

Send a request to Dryad Support to have a user deleted at Dryad Support.