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Site Management app - Map view

Map View displays the Site's dimensions and deployed devices using an embedded Google Map.


Selecting Map view uses Google Maps to display a Site. Status icons display at a glance the status of each device in a Site. If a client manages several sites, a user can quickly find the Sites based on a map location. Displaying a site shows at a glance the status of each deployed device.

User role

  • Standard
  • Admin

Map view

Map view

Displaying Site in 3D View


3D View is currently only available for post-deployment of gateways and sensors on Sites.

A 3D view of a Site's terrain can be displayed to assist in locating deployed sensors and determining how best to access a deployed sensor or gateway.

  • Select the Enable Terrain button to switch to a 3D view of the map.

  • Use the right mouse button or hold the control key + mouse pad movements to rotate the map in 3D View.

  • Select the Reset button (compass) to toggle to 2D View.

Map view

3D Map view

Map view

3D Map view example

Displaying current readings

Selecting a status icon on the Map View displays a device's latest status, including GPS location and current energy level in a Sidebar.

Device status

Sensor Current readings

Displaying a Fire risk overlay

Selecting the Fire icon displays the Fire Risk overlay for a selected area sourced from Google Maps which shows areas of higher levels of fire risk.

Fire risk overlay on Site View

Fire risk overlay on Site View