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Site Management app - Alert Center

The Alert Center displays fire alerts from all Sites to which you have access.


The Alert Center provides at a glance if any sensors from any Site are generating Fire Alerts. If no sensors are triggering alerts, this page indicates the status as "All sites are currently safe".

User role

  • Standard
  • Admin

Alert Center - All Sites safe

Alert Center - All Sites safe

Displayed Alerts

If one or more sensors have triggered a Fire Alert, they are listed in the Alert Center. It shows which sensors triggered the alert, and a Map of the Site that has the alerts.

Alert Center

Alert Center showing sensors that have triggered Fire alerts

Fire location

Expanding a sensor that has triggered a fire alert displays details of the fire location.

Alert Center

Alert Center - fire alert details

Selecting the Location icon displays a map (Google Maps) with a pin at the location in the forest of the sensor that triggered the fire alert.

Alert Center

Alert Center - fire alert location

Fire alerts

See Fire alerts for a detailed discussion of how fire alerts are triggered and how users are informed of a fire (via Email and the Silvanet Site Management app).