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Site Management app - Access

Access the Site Management app using your user credentials provided to you by Dryad or Reseller.

User types

Access to areas of the Site Management app is dependent on the type of user signed in to the app:

  • Admin: Admin users are responsible for team organization. Admins can invite new users, edit user information and independently create new sites.

  • Standard User: Standard users have access to the platform, can view the User Management overview and update their name and contact details. They cannot edit other users' details or invite new users.

The following table shows an overview of the roles and rights:

Section Functionality Admin Standard User
User management User overview
Invite new user
Update users details
Sites Access to Sites menu
Add new sites
Deployment planning Packet preparation
Deployment Device installation

User Credentials

Accessing the Site Management app requires a user to be registered with Dryad. After registration, a user is provided with login credentials. After logging in, the user is required to change their password.

User role

  • Standard
  • Admin
  1. Go to, then select Login.

    Site Management login page

    Site Management login

  2. Enter your username and password provided to you by Dryad, then select Sign In.

    Site Management sign in page

    Sign in

  3. If this is your first log in, you are required to change your password. You cannot change your username.

    Update password

    Update password

  4. Enter a new password in the Update Password form, then select Submit.

  5. The Dashboard Overview appears.