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Fire preparations

After planning and deploying the Silvanet Network system, we recommend testing the system with a small controlled fire.

Controlled fire preparations

Controlled fire preparations


Contact the local fire department / authorities and clarify whether you are allowed to make a fire. Take precautions and make sure you can extinguish the fire. Do not leave hot ash in the forest.


Before testing, the sensors must be placed in the target forest for at least 4 days allowing them to self-calibrate. Do not run any tests before calibration has completed as the sensors may not be able to reliably detect a fire.

Required fire material

Collect sufficient material to keep the fire burning for up to 30 minutes. Collect between 5 and 10 kg of typical plant material out of your forest. Collect smaller and bigger branches from the ground and branches with needles from living trees. It helps to have a few thicker, previously dried branches to keep the fire going.

Dry out the material

Dry out in advance the collected material in a dry, warm space (cabin, hall, basement, etc.) for 5 days. The most efficient method for this is to collect the material on the day of deployment and then use the time the sensors need to calibrate to dry the material.


Use the Map view of the Silvanet Deployment app to find the ideal location for the controlled fire.

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