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Mesh Gateway locations

Use the following guidelines when planning the deployment of Mesh Gateways in your Site.

Item Guideline Description
Component ratio 1 Mesh Gateway to 100 sensors See Component ratios/ranges.
Location Maximum 1 km radius from sensors Place Mesh Gateways in locations that enable them to cover nearby sensors in a radius of approximately 1 km.
Range Several kms distance from other Mesh Gateways/Border Gateways, depending on topology. Mesh Gateways can communicate over longer ranges than sensors. Depending on the topology and type of forest, Mesh Gateways can communicate from 2 km to 3 km from other Mesh Gateways/Border Gateways
Sunlight Install on a hillside or sunny location Install Mesh Gateways on a hillside or sunny location. It needs to be installed facing the sun at 12:00 noon (northern or southern hemisphere). If installed on a tree, it should not be covered by branches. To receive maximum sunlight, it is best installed on a pole, if possible.
Height on trees 3 m from forest floor To protect the Mesh Gateway from human or animal interference and to give a better line of sight to other Getaways within range, install the device 3m above the forest floor.

Further reading

To learn how to deploy Mesh Gateways, see Deploying Mesh Gateways.

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